Monday, August 12, 2013

Words to the Wise

Haven’t blogged lately have I?

Been active as an ICF Assessor for many exams.  Just a few words to the wise …

1.     If you say your session is 30 minutes (because you were told to say that and it’s actually a great idea to keep it at that), don’t take 45-60 minutes and ignore it like you never made that agreement.  (Bad for your score).

2.       Most coaches completely forget about or misunderstand the Accountability/Managing Progress competency.  It’s not about the coach’s willingness to have another session; it’s about the client creating these structures for success whether or not they involve the coach.  It’s also not a good idea to skip this one altogether; plays havoc with your score.

3.    All the MCC-level scores I’ve given coincidentally were for sessions that lasted no more than 30 minutes (score wasn’t given + or – for that¸ however).  It’s about asking questions that are direct and clear, keeping the session to a very clear agenda, being authentically present and connected to your client – and there’s even time to deal with underlying issues that are overwhelmingly more important than 3 actions by next Tuesday.  It’s a non-linear process and authentic partnership.

4.    If you are following a script learned long ago or recently, it’s time to become a coach and not just do coaching.  Formulaic coaching shows glaringly.   Here is my favorite formulaic phrase:
“What I hear (am hearing, heard) you say …”   Try listening to that being said over and over again in one session!  (Not good for your score.)  The word “So” is used so often I gave up worrying about it … but’s it still a habit that isn’t necessary. 

And please listen to your recording before you submit it.  Really.  It’s a very important part of your professional development.  Please treat the process professionally.

Hope my few insights will point you in the direction of success.  Good luck!!

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