Thursday, July 19, 2012

Something About Organization Coaching

While listening to the genius music of Pink Floyd after viewing their bio on the Biography Channel, it occurred to me there are some aspects to organization culture that need bold thinking.

It's not unusual to assume that a smoothly operating organization culture is important to maintain. I was even thinking that coaching could help that along ... you know, by fitting in and smoothly supporting the status quo.

Whoa! In the world of the arts, it's darn unusual for the greatest works to be "smoothly" created (or any number of words that say the same thing). I like to use metaphors to gain understanding ... e.g. relating business to art. I don't see or imagine anything about creativity that could be smooth, without challenges and obstacles. It's asking a lot of the creative process to be ordinary.

Ergo, the great works of art (you pick your favorites) took something special to create. Even the tiniest of ideas can be difficult to bring to life. Yet, you and I do this all this time or a lot of the time.

What  does that have to do with coaching? Well, I'm not sure at this point. Suffice to say, I have the idea that an extraordinary company as with an extraordinary work of art, will tolerate and accept the struggle of creative thinking.

Building the Foundation

Been reading science articles.

There’s no intention for me to become an expert in order to coach scientists.  What I am learning is how to think about the future.  If coaching is a “future focused” profession, does this not make sense?

If you follow my Tweets you will have regular ReTweets that come from NASA and other science-oriented websites.  Today, for instance, I sent my grandson two articles: one about the solar coronal mapping process, the other about a way to picture quantum physics.  So, hey!  If I can learn from these, why not you?

What I learn from the articles and studies:

1.       Simplicity is where it’s at.

2.       Color and other visual aids are immensely helpful.

3.       The universe is beyond fascinating.

The first one is ‘simplicity.’  Over the many years I’ve been coaching, one thing I learned pretty early on is that coaching is not complicated … people are … but coaching per se is not. 
Think of it … eleven core competencies (should be only 9 but that’s covered in prior blogs) is a pretty simple list to learn and then utilize as the background foundation of every coaching conversation.  My favorite analogy for this is best demonstrated by the building of a house:  generally speaking you and I don’t see the foundation and the internal structure at all. The purpose of a house is to safely house the person(s) living there.  Oh sure, in my house there is a plethora of art work (sort of like my stories when coaching) and a lot of my own design … always mindful of the structure that makes it all happen.

Well, that’s it for now.  Have not been blogging as of late; working to secure a new life here in Canada seems to be the order of the day.  That is going well.  Oh, I am writing a book but at every turn I find other areas to include or at least learn about.  Guess you know I am a non-linear thinker with interests all over the place.  So be it.