Thursday, November 29, 2012

Coaching Via Other Domains

Other Domains

Those of us who deal with top performers (including athletes as well as CEO’s) can benefit from the ideas of experts in fields other than our own.

Connecting ideas from differing domains (fields) is an activity of the best coaches I hear … as I listen to lots of recordings from really struggling to accomplished masters.  Call it what you wish but connecting by means of story, metaphor and analogy has major impact on another person as long as there is no attachment by the coach to what the client thinks or does about it.

Recently, I completed Jim Collins’ new tome: Great By Choice (an awesome title). Collins is heavy into research (as exhibited by Good To Great) which approach pleases me no end (of course).  Comparisons always make it with a visual learner like me.

This brief blog is not about the book or the research … it’s about impact, impact on a client’s thinking and acting from the point-of-view of an entirely different domain.  Who wouldn’t want to be great; who wouldn’t want that to be by choice?