Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Developing a Coaching Culture in an Organization

It occured to me today that I should not let January 2012 go flying by as if it didn't exist, which it surely does.  And I am not referring to the upcoming, in process U.S. election stuff.

I've been thinking about what it takes to build a "coaching culture" in an organization that becomes more than an idea of the moment. Here's a start ... with ideas most definitely welcomed.

1. It takes a commitment to coaching beyond it being just another good idea;
2. It takes experience with the effects and impact of coaching on at least one group in the organization (as opposed to one person);
3. It takes a financial commitment that is realistic and well-conceived;
4. It takes a way to measure the effectiveness of coaching over time;
5. It takes a realistic approach to what coaching can help an organization accomplish;
6. I would guess it takes having an annual evaluation of the impact of coaching that can solidify a commitment over time and change.
7. It surely takes an organized approach to the whole process: who gets a coach being the primary decision (aside from budget considerations);
8. It takes an understanding of the coaching process, what to expect and not expect from coaching, and what standards need to be adopted, especially with regard to the coaches who are engaged.

I know  there are more ideas to develop as I prepare a webinar for an organization on this very topic. 

What is your experience?