Monday, August 22, 2011


Lost all my graphics suddenly.  Cannot seem to figure out what happened and why. Guess it's time for a computer guru overhaul.  LOL  It's the way of PC's isn't it?

Events like this are food for a conversation on coach self-management or maybe more broadly ... annoyances.  My clients are not going to be the "beneficiaries" of technical glitches.  This one, however, is not that important ... just annoying. But then, annoyances can be subtle interferences with being "fully present."  Is it that way for you?

Good subjects for us all.

Friday, August 12, 2011

More Thoughts About Inspiration

No long dissertation today. 

Just watched Il Divo --- 4 tenors singing Amazing Grace --- via YouTube.  This is a pathway to inspiration. For me, that which "breathes life into me" is found wherever people, animals and nature are giving it away. Inspiration cannot be contrived, faked or made up. Inspiration simply is what it is. I get it or I don't.

In coaching it's found in 'presence' (being truly present to and connected with ... another). When I'm "in my head" I cannot be present. When my thoughts wander, I cannot be present. When I'm thinking about what I will say or do, I cannot be present. When whatever is going on is all about me, I cannot be present. When I am not present, I am no gift for another person.

This is what I wanted to say today.